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control performance levels and provides a basis for ... Life cycle issues as well as productivity, quality and yield gaps. – Provides a ... for installed products and solutions in cold rolling mill complex based on ... Motors and drives (see example).

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for the new mill was to produce highest-quality cold- ... station on the basis of inspection samples cut by a rotary ... in the cold mill complex area; side trimmer workshop testing; installation of the cold-rolling tandem mill; the completed cold mill;...

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Sheetflat) to an aluminum cold rolling mill in 1985.(1). Since then ... pneumatic bearing type shape rolls and the control system as ... Recently, requirements for quality products ..... Figure 14 shows an example of shape control for final rolling of...

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Abstract. The high speed production achieved by modern cold rolling mills requires reliable and ... The Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) systems and hydraulic.

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Around the world, operators of cold rolling mills rely on the well-established Herkules ... Meeting the highest quality demands for sheet metal – for example for...

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to flatness, thickness tolerance and surface quality are continually increasing, thus ... we therefore continually design, test and develop to production-ready status new ... Multi-roll cold rolling mills are used to process high grade steel strip and ..... In this example, nine bearings (9S) in one section height group are supplied.

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Surface quality. 35 ... mills. The large-scale investment program for the cold-rolling mill in the ..... The mechanical properties apply to transverse test samples.

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by a tandem cold-rolling mill are of substantial interest to a steel industry. ... As the steel industry strives to improve product quality and reduce pro- duction costs, a viable ... and the control is well-recognized (see, for example, Koussoulass and.

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The tandem hot mills Novelis uses for hot rolling guarantee that our coils are uniform, precisely cut and have a high-quality surface finish. From the hot rolling process, Novelis sends the coils to cold rolling, where they are milled to the final ... For example, by heating and maintaining the aluminum at precise pre-defined...

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Original Control Technologies ... └Description · └Delivery record and Specification · └The example of system configuration · └The example of controller configuration ... We will propose the optimal cold rolling mills for a broad range of product ... requirements for thickness accuracy, flatness accuracy, and surface quality.

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and most effective way to improve the shape and thus quality of cold rolled products. Keywords: Plastic Forming; Cold rolling; Roll contour; Roll gap control. Reference to this .... Sample multi-roll systems altogether with roll length and allowed strip ... So the modern multi-roll mills are equipped with additional measurement...

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... the treatment, processing, and quality control of carbon steel, electric steel, stainless steel, and aluminum strip. ... Chromatography · Sample Preparation · Mass Spectrometry ... Thermo Scientific™ Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process .... Can be used for manual, AGC or adaptive control of the mill.

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control to achieve high quality and highly efficient rolling in hot rolling, cold rolling, and processing line equipment. ... rolling mill. (b) Control room (left) and example operation screen (right) ... Steel industry systems which include rolling mills.

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12 May 2010 ... Many outdated cold steel rolling mills exist in Europe, some of which were ... This takes place, for example, on the pickling line and in the cold rolling mill. ... wrong parameters or insufficient control will result in bad quality and...

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30 Nov 2011 ... In cold rolling of a seamless metallic tube with a cold pilger mill, when a ... It is, thereby, possible to obtain a high-quality seamless metallic tube, inside ... rolling of the hollow shell 1 (see Non Patent Literature 1, for example). .... The rolling tests varying in reduction rate of outside diameter in a reducing mill...